Steel Plate Preservation Line

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Steel Plate Preservation Line Supplier JX Offers Steel Plate Preservation Line, Blasting, Painting, Drying Steel Plate in Marine/Ship Building Industries.

In marine industries and ship building industries, steel plates are used in bulk. These steel sheets some time have contamination, rust and other impurities on the surface. Thus to remove these contaminants from the surface, we provided complete inline Surface Treatment Systems. Complete line consists of Blasting+Painting+Drying Operation. Immediately painting of blasted plates, reduces the chances of oxidization of the plate, which results in higher safety factor.

​Plate preservation line: Inlet roller conveyor-----Pre heater-----Shot blasting machine-----Dust collector-----Automatic spray painting line-----Paint fume extraction system-----Slat conveyor-----Baking or drying oven-----Outlet conveyor.

Cooperated with us, you are in good hands: from the planning stage to the startup and beyond – throughout the entire life of your equipment!


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