Raw Hair Virgin Hair Remy Hair Non-Remy Hair and Grade of Hair can all be distinguished by their quality

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Salutations to everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel

Salutations to everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel. We finished up a video today about the differences between the two countries, and I'm very happy about that because, as I mentioned in my previous video, we have a couple of big client clients who have a lot of Chinese war hair, and I'm very busy funding these clients.

1. I had a good time

2.  Consequently, we will discuss the various types of hair, and while many people praised me for making my previous video, many people are still having difficulty understanding the various types of wholesale hair vendors and trying, and many of them are asking why the prices in the market differ, and what the reasons for the differing prices are, and what the prices should be that the entity will charge, among other questions

3.  An informational video about the different types of wholesale hair vendors available on the market today and why they are priced differently is available here

4.  In front of me, there are five bundles of curly me hair, all of which is Remy from India and South East Asia, all of which is available here

5.  This is Chinese hair growth, and it is popular in India and South-East Asia

This is Chinese raw wholesale hair vendors that is 20 inches and 22 inches in length, and this is on type of human wholesale hair vendors. Of course, this is one of the cheapest coatings available, which means that some suppliers will discover that they will apply pressure to the headband wig, and some factories will paint the wholesale hair vendors with a black color to make it marketable on the mark.

Find a Virgin  Raw Hair Vendor 2020| Super Detailed| Wholesale Vendors| ALIBABAFind a Virgin Raw Hair Vendor 2020| Super Detailed| Wholesale Vendors| ALIBABAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4ES608--go

It will be very black, you know very black even though they say it's a natural color but it's very black, there's no white part nor orange headband wig but this hair is but this hair is full but this hair is dyed with color you can't do anything with color and you can't hit it or dye it with color and the second one here the second one is slightly better and the  is already done which is also bad in this case here is one where alpha is a natural color but there's

What our plant does is make an attempt here, and one of them is Remy. This is what you're looking for.

The fact that one is here is a burden. Remy is here, and here are two more.

This has been treated with chemicals, but the majority of the cuticle is still present, and the material is superior to that of non-Remy human hair extension for black women. Here is a higher level of quality.

This is a market where you can still achieve your desired color and you can also bleach it to achieve a specific color. In this market, we usually set a standard: if this  is bleachable to 27 different colors, we can call it hair. In this article, we feature a facial product called Chinese verlan, which is the Chinese equivalent of hair.

This kind of here you can bleach to any color you want from a palette of 1613 or 60 different colors. You have a lot of options for extensions.

This Remy has the ability to be bleached. It has been bleached, but it can only be bleached to a level known as 27, so of course it is.