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The survey's results revealed that only 5 percent of respondents had moderate to severe problems with their gaming. Out of those 5 percent, the most issues were reported by people who had played one-person WoW cataclysm Gold, action adventure, role-playing, as well as gambling games in the last year.The most frequently reported titles by players in the problem categories included: WoW Cataclysm Classic (first-person shooter category); Grand Theft Auto (action adventure category); WoW Cataclysm Classic (MMORPG category) as well as poker (gambling games category).

This led the researchers to conclude that there's evidence to suggest that the problem of gaming is a result of specific game genres, but future research in this field is necessary, and in particular, research that is focused on the specific game design elements that are unique to the genres that are problematic.

"Recent numbers of sales for blockbuster titles like WoW Cataclysm Classic and Halo show a massive fan base for this FPS game genre across America and our research suggests that a significant portion of the population is suffering from moderate levels of video games that are not playing properly," the study says.

"Perhaps the immersive potential of a first-person viewpoint which is frequently paired with online gaming, is the reason for the higher levels of problem-solving. For action-based games, the trend towards open-world environments that are nonlinear that allow for a long, time-consuming exploration is encouraged can result in greater immersion in playing games with a problem."

"These theories are only speculation at the moment however they offer important avenues to explore to be explored in the future."

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In the past, the truth is that buy WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold is fantastically profitable isn't news now. Since its release over an entire year time ago, MMOexp's game, which was named the 2004 Game of the Year has been a constant position on the best-seller charts. In the week of July 9-15 2006 the game was again the most popular PC games in the US as per volume-based sales statistics from the industry-research organization NPD Funworld. The game is also close to 7 million players across the globe, each of whom pay its developer-publisher, Blizzard Entertainment which is a monthly payment.