Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

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Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer JX Offers Shot Blasting Machine For Tubes, Surface Cleaning, Anti-erosion Treatment For Steel Surface.
Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Cleaning Machines are designed for the large, middle and small calibre size of the steel tube(outer and inner) and the cylinder. Impeller head locate at multi angle, This Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine is the high efficiency blasting wheels, shot blasting with high-speed thick blasting pills and blowing on the surface.They can clean the oxides, rusts, eroded layer and other foreign matters on the surface of the steel pipes, so that steel material will pappear its original luser, and this will be helpful to steel surface anti-erosion treatment.

1. Remove the scales and weld dregs
2. Make it show metal color
3. Increase its ratio surface and weld dregs
4. Increase its ratio surface area
5. Thus contribute to painting and coating
6. Enhance the corrosion resistance of the machine and metal section.
7. Enhance the steel's fatigue resistance, extend the service life.
8. Optimize the technology of the steel surface
9. Achieve the complete clean-up purpose.

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