I am considering returning to WoW because

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It is possible to erase the account that WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold you created in summer. There's no way to let go however, you're still waiting for the right time. It's unfortunate that you fell into addiction so young and at the beginning of your development. That makes it extra hard. It makes it even more difficult, yet it also makes it so satisfying to beat this addiction. Because it means something. You'll have to give up WoW for good - the only question is how much of your personal life and life's potential you are willing to give up to Blizzard and a 17 year old game until you finally get over it (or are forced to).

You might want to consider seeking help from outside. Someone you know will who can hold you accountable and also be there when you need to talk with someone, may be crucial to avoid things you aren't able to handle.

You had the option to either keep your character on plain realms at Naxx or transfer your character through the Dark Portal to the TBC expansion.

Naturally, most of the player base progressed to TBC because there's no new game content in vanilla.

Some characters remained vanilla. They're also rolling out Season of Mastery, which is basically vanilla and will replace classic servers.

They will likely roll on the TBC servers over to Wrath Classic just as they did last expansion. You may also have the possibility to keep your characters on the dead TBC server.

I am considering returning to WoW because I was a big fan up until Cataclysm. I absolutely enjoyed the game all the way through WotLK and am thinking about changing my mind about retail and using Classic or Classic TBC. I'm not sure how Classic TBC works. If I make the Classic TBC character, will this mean I will not be able use it for Classic TBC content. What is the outcome if the Classic TBC character is released and Classic WotLK is released? Don't really understand the progression through the various classic games and would love to have someone help to clarify the confusion for me.

The classic server of the present is from the classic vintage. It's intentionally stuck on the Naxx patches. TBC is an advancement server and is currently in phase 2 with T5 content coming out. We'll probably progress to Wrath although the details aren't announced yet.

TBC Classic Era (Vanilla) and buy WOW TBC Gold TBC Classic Era are currently available. They are separate clients. You can't create a character using either. The version that you're currently using is the one you used to start with.