Why are the fillings in the quilt all hollow polyester staple fibers?

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Why are the fillings in the quilt all hollow polyester staple fibers, is it harmful to the human body? Yongbang answers for you.

Hollow polyester fiber

Hollow means that the fibers used are three-dimensional hollow and crimped. Hollow is used to increase the rebound rate of fillers. If solid ones are used, the rebound rate will be poor; three-dimensional hollow fibers are generally EG+PTA extracted from petroleum. Spinning is a raw material and is not harmful to the human body, so please rest assured. Hollow polyester fiber is a high-warmth wadding product. The fiber raw materials are high-quality polyester and three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber with excellent performance, U-shaped hollow fiber and ES fiber. It is a chemical fiber product.

Seven-hole nine-hole cotton concept

The so-called "seven-hole cotton", "four-hole cotton" and "nine-hole cotton" are actually hollow chemical fibers. The inner cores of quilts with holes are not cotton, but chemical fiber products, which are hollow chemical fibers. The country currently has no standards for porous chemical fiber pillows, and there is no specific requirement for the content of porous fibers. It is said that the actual content is 0%, or 10% to 100%, which can be called seven holes, and there are even nine holes in the market. , 11 holes, 12 holes pillow. "Seven-hole cotton" and "four-hole cotton", in fact, these products should be called "polyester fiber" and "cotton" have nothing to do with it. Regarding the number of so-called "holes", there is no way to study it. "Pillow Story" quoted the introduction of Yizheng Chemical Fiber, an authority in China's fiber industry. At present, the four assembly lines of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Factory with advanced technology only produce hollow fibers with one hole, four holes and seven holes. There are no nine-hole or eleven-hole fibers. Most of the so-called porous fibers on the market may be single-hole hollow cotton, and many are ordinary chemical fibers.

Advantages of hollow polyester staple fiber

Hollow cotton has good elasticity. Good fluffy, warm and breathable, the product has good shape retention under pressure, anti-knot deformation, light weight, strong tensile strength, washable, not afraid of insects, mildew and moisture-proof, and the warmth retention rate is 60% higher than that of cotton fibers % or more, the service life is more than 3 times higher.

hollow cotton

Disadvantages of hollow polyester staple fiber

After a long time of use, it is easy to deform and form a block, lacking elasticity. The pillows are uneven, especially the low-quality chemical fiber pillows produced by some small manufacturers, some of which have black cotton. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose a well-known brand with better elasticity when purchasing a pillow, and do not choose a low-quality chemical fiber pillow that is easily deformed for cheap.


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