Path of Exile Atlas Passive Tree: Strategies and Tips for League Start

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Embarking on the post-campaign journey in Path of Exile, players delve into the Atlas of Worlds, a realm filled with challenges and opportunities.


Embarking on the post-campaign journey in Path of Exile, players delve into the Atlas of Worlds, a realm filled with challenges and opportunities. The Atlas passive tree is a vital component of endgame progression, offering a myriad of strategic choices for players seeking to enhance their map-running capabilities. In this guide, we will explore the intricacies of the Atlas passive tree, provide insights into respeccing options, and recommend effective strategies for a successful league start, all while keeping a keen eye on the ever-important POE Chaos Orbs.

Understanding the Atlas Passive Tree

Upon defeating Kitava in Act 10 and entering the Atlas of Worlds, players receive a free map from Commander Kirac, marking the beginning of their journey. Maps on the Atlas have bonus objectives, such as running the map at a specific rarity and defeating the map boss, earning players points for their Atlas passive tree. With 117 maps to complete, the bulk of these points will be acquired through map exploration. Additional points can be earned from Maven, Eldritch bosses, and Uber Elder, totaling up to 128 points, though most players will work with 80 to 100 points.

Respeccing the Atlas Passive Tree

Respeccing the Atlas passive tree is a straightforward process. Players can use an Orb of Unmaking to gain a respec point, allowing them to reallocate their points as needed. Orbs of Unmaking are tradeable and obtainable from the global drop pool. Commander Kirac also offers them for purchase at a modest cost of two Orbs of Regret each. This flexibility enables players to adapt their strategies and trees multiple times throughout a league, but caution is advised to avoid unnecessary respecs and conserve resources.

Atlas Strategies for League Start

Navigating the Atlas passive tree can be overwhelming, but certain strategies stand out for their effectiveness, especially during the early days and weeks of a league. Let's delve into some of the best options for new characters and players in the ever-evolving landscape of Path of Exile.

1. The Kirac and Shaping Wheels

The center Kirac wheel proves to be an excellent choice for generating extra maps early in a league. By accessing more Kirac missions, players gain more maps and, subsequently, more Atlas passives. Combining the left side of this wheel with the Shaping nodes forms a solid foundation for a powerful tree suitable for various builds. This strategy accelerates Atlas progression and serves as an ideal starting point for players finding their way in the complex Atlas system.

2. Essences and Harvest

Essence nodes offer a universally beneficial choice, as every player can make use of Essences to enhance their gear. These nodes not only form the basis for complex crafts but also provide an accessible means for inexperienced players to acquire better equipment. Harvest, with its recent changes, complements Essences effectively. The introduction of tradeable Lifeforce rewards from Harvest encounters allows players to engage in crafting at any time. This combination becomes the go-to strategy for those who prefer crafting their own gear, ensuring a personalized and potent arsenal.

3. Shrines and Strongboxes

Shrines and Strongboxes present an enjoyable and accessible method to increase monster density within maps. These mechanics introduce additional challenges and rewards, with Shrine RNG even aiding in faster map clears. Notably, Shrine buffs can be exploited by certain builds, further enhancing the gameplay experience. However, it's essential to be aware of changes, such as the reduced value of corrupted Strongboxes after patch 3.19, altering the dynamics of 6-link vendor outcomes.


As players embark on their journey through the Path of Exile Atlas, mastering the intricacies of the passive tree is crucial for success. The recommended strategies outlined here provide a solid foundation for both newcomers and experienced players aiming to optimize their league start. With a keen eye on PoE Currency and an understanding of the evolving meta, adventurers can navigate the Atlas with confidence, conquering challenges and reaping the rewards of their strategic choices. Tired of the endless Farming Gold job? Come to RPGStash now to Buy Divine Orbs, 100% safe and fast delivery. RPGStash has helped millions of players since the release of PoE and is a trustworthy site.