Our Top NFL Draft Picks Are Playing Madden With Fans This Weekend

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Our Top NFL Draft Picks Are Playing Madden With Fans This Weekend

They're doing it with a Madden 22 coins, too. Based on the model and from conversations with an insider at EA the Madden ratings team is weighting current-year speeds more heavily than previous years, and the model indicates that tight end players get the biggest boost in score in comparison to their counterparts, and are closely followed by quarterbacks.

There's an appearance of opinions embedded in the scores too and a pure quantitative approach can't explain all the evaluations made by EA. It shouldn't come as a surprise. In fact, the Madden team's also famous for its ability to change ratings when public protests are sufficiently loud: The last time was in the year Madden altered Keenan Allen's ratings following the Chargers receiver announced that he would be going to boycott the game due to his poor numbers.

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Our Top NFL Draft Picks Are Playing Madden With Fans This Weekend

In 2021, the NFL Draft is underway, where teams are currently scouting for players to make their rosters to become future stars. A few of the new players will also be playing Madden NFL 21 on the internet this weekend and you'll get to take on them in an online game.

Go to the official cheap mut coins madden 22 Twitter account to see an array of sponsored posts from new NFL players, such as Patriots QB Mac Jones and new Steelers RB Najee Harris. Take note that these players haven't officially signed with the teams they were drafted by yet, but that's basically inevitable with first-round picks made from the NFL.