Endless Delve Event that makes Path of Exile players look forward to

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Compared to the Mayhem Event released by GGG today, more players are more willing to spend POE Currency on the second event called Endless Delve Event. So why is this happening? Let’s first look at why the game team is releasing three epic events now. According to past practice, this time period should be the fourth extended release date in a year. Because of the impact of this year’s COVID-19 and the release time of Cyberpunk 2077, the game team had to avoid the edge and postpone the expansion of POE 3.13 to January next year.

But many players did not understand the reason why the game team did this at the beginning, which led to their disappointment and dissatisfaction with Path of Exile. The loss of the number of players has become more and more serious, so that the game team must make some remedial measures to restore the trust and love of the players in the developer and the game itself. This is the root reason why they had to publish three events. Fortunately, the response from the players is pretty good.

At three o’clock this afternoon, players can enter the first event called Mayhem-Event to experience the mysterious and exciting, chaotic world. This is a chaotic activity under anarchy built by GGG using the excellent mechanisms in the previous leagues that players loved. But the Endless Delve Event, which more players hope to play, will only hold at the Azurite Mine from December 11th to 18th. Their depth in the event will be directly proportional to the amount of rewards they will eventually receive. If players are not strong enough to complete the tasks they have undertaken, they will be punished.

So this is not good news for those players who are weaker. If they want to improve some strength in such a short time, it is best to Buy POE Items. Basically, this is achievable. Players who work hard for their goals are worthy of the ultimate reward.

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