The Path of Exile Mayhem event is underway

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Last Friday, the first of the three most epic activities of Path of Exile, countless players expected which, finally began. Its name is Mayhem event. Prior to this, CD Projekt RED postponed the release of the incredible Cyberpunk 2077 to December 11th. As a result, the POE game team could not release the POE 3.13 extension as originally planned, which caused the developers to come up with a temporary provide players with ideas for recent activities. Players can borrow a lot of previous mechanisms to earn an enormous amount of POE Currency for themselves.

The first event will last Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock Eastern Time to this Friday morning. Interestingly, the second event named Endless Delve only lasts for one week. Only the third event named Heist Flashback will last for three weeks. Once the game team releases the POE 3.13 expansion trailer, then The Heist Flashback event will end. The game team wants to use this method to temporarily fill the void in the players’ hearts and satisfy their desire for new content.

Presumably, most players who are currently enjoying the Mayhem event have read the official announcement and know what kind of event it is before entering the event. They are all in an anarchic game environment. Both enemies and monsters may secretly attack the players, and the event is also full of various excellent mechanisms in previous leagues, which allows some players whether they can achieve the final victory adds a lot of suspense.

In addition, it seems that more players are looking forward to the Endless Delve event. Because compared to chaotic battles, they seem to prefer to walk all the way to the dark. We will discuss the specific situation after it is released this Friday. If some players have just entered the Mayhem event, they’d better Buy POE Items as soon as possible to catch up with the progress of other players, otherwise it is easy to have accidents.