The best microtransactions in the Path of Exile

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Players who are familiar with the development history of Path of Exile should all know why it can threaten Diablo’s hegemony in RPG games in just seven years. Because it has many features that differ from similar games, such as allowing players to create characters and skills, and can get POE Items, POE Currency and the most distinctive microtransactions through their own efforts. They can purchase additional micro-transaction content for characters and games. It ranges from redundant content to cosmetics.

In particular, novice players who have just played Path of Exile need to know all the information about Path of Exile’s microtransactions, which will help them in their future gaming journey. So what are the microtransactions in Path of Exile? The first is that players can purchase microtransactions in the store section of the game. There, they can purchase additional storage space in Stash, fancy pants cosmetics and weapon skins, and other pet-like equipment.

If they want to access microtransactions while they are in the game, they need to press the M key on the keyboard so that they can enter the microtransaction menu to buy the items they want. And they can also see which items currently have attractive offers and the latest kits that can be added to the game. Although most of these items are exuberant, so it is not very helpful to the players, but those players who bought Stash Tabs did get extra space to store all the items they got during the game journey.

Or players with better financial conditions can also buy equipment directly from the store with real money. Some “Supporter Packs” can bring you more value for money and provide players with their own accounts on top of various cosmetics.  If they have a strong desire for a certain item, they can also Buy POE Currency to get it. They only need to press the I button to see which items they currently have in stock.