One Heir Numerous possibilities

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The background story of Lineage2M is simple and Lineage 2M Diamonds concrete. After a long introduction featuring a battle epic in a castle, we come upon a powerful villain , referred to as Etis and has brought death and destruction throughout the world. A small group of opposition is ready to confront this evil person with a weapon of his sleeve: our character.

Also known as " The"heir "; the avatar we use to pick a race (human, dark elf, elf dwarf or orc) has a special power of the deity Einhasad integrated that is able to destroy the antagonist and his plan. The challenge is in preparing ourselves for on the rough road to that final duel.

To farm as a machine

The combat system has intriguing, yet repetitive aspects. In essence, the main axis of the issue is to explore on your own or in a group of players around the different maps of cities that we transit to complete missions given by diverse characters that are uncontrollable. This usually involve fighting and defeating all enemies who stands in our path (from small beings to larger ones, as we advance). This will be rewarded with an experience level to upgrade the character, as well as consumable items and equipment.

The controls are also quite easy, with a button that allows you to move, and another for attack , which are the primary ones as well as other buttons for items or abilities. However, the most impressive and practical issue is that it's possible to program it to allow the player to self-attack everything around him, which can allow us to do different things in addition to Lineage 2 Mobile Diamonds playing while letting the mobile phone handle the heavy job.

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