Does Peacock Have Ads? Can I Skip or Get Rid of Ads?

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Does Peacock Have Ads? Can I Skip or Get Rid of Ads? Does Peacock Have Ads? Can I Skip or Get Rid of Ads? Does Peacock Have Ads? Can I Skip or Get Rid of Ads?

Will I see ads on Peacock? How many ads? Do I need to pay extra to enjoy ad-free Peacock viewing? Are there other ways to skip commercials on Peacock? You can find answers to all your questions about Peacock ads in this article.

1. Does Peacock Have Ads?

Yes. offered both ad-supported and ad-free plans at launch (the Peacock Free plan has been taken down). They are Peacock Premium ($5.99 per month) and Peacock Premium Plus ($11.99 per month).

I am a Peacock Premium Plus ad-free subscriber. Why am I seeing Peacock advertisements?"

Even though Peacock Premium Plus serves as an ad-free version of Peacock's subscription, Premium Plus users may still encounter limited advertisements on live channels, sports events, select shows, and movies due to streaming rights and other reasons.

2. How Many Ads Does Peacock Have?

Peacock claimed its ad load was "the lightest in the industry", with four to five minutes of video ads every hour, and the ads would typically appear before and during movies or TV shows.

Some users have also reported that in some movies the Peacock commercials will play out before the movie starts, meaning you can watch the entire movie without interruption.

Learn More About Peacock Ads

You may see various forms of adverts on Peacock, this is because Peacock offers a variety of advertising products to advertisers. One of the common ones is "Pause Ads", which refers to advertisements that appear on the screen when a user pauses watching a video. This advertising format takes advantage of the pause time to display specific ad content to the user.

3. How to Skip or Get Rid of Peacock Ads?

You can use the following 3 methods to get rid of Peacock's annoying commercials and get an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Method 1: Upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus

Upgrade your subscription to Premium Plus can reduce the number of ads that appear on Peacock, rather than removing Peacock ads entirely. You will still see commercials when watching live streams, limited Peacock shows and movies etc.

How to Upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus?

Whether you are billing directly through Peacock or through a third party such as Roku or Apple, you can upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus directly from Peacock Account page.

STEP 1 Log in to your Peacock account in the browser or the Peacock app.

STEP 2 Click on your profile to open the Account page.

STEP 3 Press the "Upgrade" or "Change Plan" option and follow the prompts to complete the subscription upgrade.