Exploring the Characters of "Undead Unluck"

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Dive into the world of Undead Unluck with this detailed guide exploring the unique abilities and dynamic interactions of its main characters.


"Undead Unluck" is a riveting anime that blends action, supernatural elements, and a unique twist on fate and destiny, captivating viewers with its intriguing premise and dynamic characters. This series, based on the manga by Yoshifumi Tozuka, dives into a world where the supernatural intersects with everyday life in unexpected ways.

Plot Overview of "Undead Unluck"


"Undead Unluck" follows the story of Fuuko Izumo, a girl cursed with the power of 'Unluck,' causing misfortune to anyone she touches. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Andy, an 'Undead' who has the ability to regenerate from any injury, effectively making him immortal. Together, they embark on a journey to uncover the secrets behind their mysterious powers and the larger supernatural forces at play. Their adventures are filled with danger, humor, and an array of unique characters, each contributing to the unfolding mystery of their cursed existences.

Strongest Characters of "Undead Unluck"


Billy Alfred


Billy Alfred stands out as one of the most mysterious figures within the Union. Initially presenting himself as an ally, Billy eventually shows his true colors as a traitor, having deceived others about both his intentions and his negator ability.
While he initially claims his power is Unbelievable, it is actually Unfair, which grants him the ability to replicate the powers of other negators he deems powerful. This ability, coupled with his extensive combat and sharpshooting skills, ranks him among the most formidable members of the Union.



Juiz stands as the enigmatic and commanding leader of the Union, her presence accentuated by a military uniform and a visored helmet. Despite the Union's negators typically being unruly, they promptly fall into order under Juiz's directive.
Her negator ability, Unjustice, grants her the power to control others' actions, but it requires her eyes to be visible, hence her usual choice to wear a mask. This formidable ability allows her to dismantle entire armies effortlessly, making her a formidable leader without ever needing to engage directly in combat.



The nameless Undead, affectionately called Andy by Fuuko, serves as one of the central figures in the series. Having lived for centuries, his relentless quest has been to find a way to end his immortality, and he sees Fuuko's unique power as the key to achieving his desired death.
Andy possesses the ability called Undead, which enables him to recover from any injury, effectively rendering him immortal. While this power in itself is extraordinary, it is Andy's adept control and mastery over it that truly enhances its potential, providing him with a level of versatility that surpasses many other powers.

Shen Xiang


Shen Xiang is known for his cheerful demeanor and love for humor. He excels as a martial artist, capable of taking on formidable foes without even resorting to his special ability.
Shen's unique negator ability, Untruth, compels his targets to act contrary to their intentions. However, there are conditions to its use: Shen can only activate this power on individuals he holds in favor, and they must remain within his line of sight for the ability to take effect. This makes him an unpredictable and strategic player in any confrontation.

Gena Chamber


Gena Chamber has been a dedicated member of the Union for over fifty years, yet her youthful appearance belies her extensive experience, as she still looks like a teenager.
Her unique ability, Unchange, grants her the power to maintain the state of any object. This ability enables her to perform feats such as walking on water or forming barriers out of thin air. Additionally, Gena cleverly uses this power to ensure her makeup remains flawless, as her ability cannot be applied to her own body or any other living entity. This limitation adds a layer of complexity and creativity to how she utilizes her power in daily life and combat situations.

Seasons and Release Dates of "Undead Unluck"


On August 29, 2022, an announcement was made about its adaptation into an animated series. The series currently consists of 24 episodes, which have been airing from October 2023 to March 2024.

Streaming Platforms for "Undead Unluck"


"Undead Unluck" can be enjoyed by anime enthusiasts around the world through various prominent streaming platforms. Here are some pointers on where to watch Undead Unluck.
  • Crunchyroll: As a leading anime streaming service, Crunchyroll provides "Undead Unluck" with subtitles in multiple languages, accessible globally.


  • Funimation: Renowned for its extensive collection of anime content, Funimation streams "Undead Unluck" in specific regions, offering fans both subbed and dubbed versions.


  • Netflix: Depending on regional licensing agreements, Netflix may include "Undead Unluck," making the series available shortly after its initial broadcast.
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"Undead Unluck" offers a fresh take on the supernatural genre, with its blend of dark themes and comedic elements. Whether you are a longtime manga reader or new to the series, the unique storyline and compelling characters make "Undead Unluck" a must-read. Fans around the world remain hopeful for an anime adaptation that will bring Fuuko and Andy's adventures to the screen.