How can me claim Lost Ark Twitch Drops?

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The process to activate Lost Ark Drops on Twitch is the same as activating Drops previously played games. First, make sure you're logged into Lost Ark Gold your Twitch account, then go for the Lost Ark Twitch Drops website. Midway down the page, there's an option to connect to your Twitch account to your Steam account. After you've done that, click the Activate button directly below, and you can begin earning Drops.

What is the process behind how Lost Ark Twitch Drops work?

Then it gets complicated. Lost Ark is offering a selection of Drops via a program dubbed Legends of Lost Ark. While the program is live, teams of North American, Latin American, as well as European streaming players (representing different regions Lost Ark is launching in) will battle to unlock new items. When the streamers of each team play through in-game tasks to earn points, they'll be able to earn the next unlock , and also receive Founder's Packs to show to viewers.

This is a look at the prizes available on Legends of Lost Ark.

Earn Lost Ark Twitch Drops, you just need to tune into any stream with Drops enabled for 4 hours. After you've earned your Drop and you've earned it, you'll receive an alert on Twitch which you can then redeem the item in your inventory. To get the most enjoyment of your time, it's best to observe those who have the most Drops left unlocked. It's as easy as visiting for the Legends of Lost Ark leaderboard that is updated with current standings every day at 5 p.m. Eastern. Streamers are limited to offering one Drop at an time. If you've already taken advantage of Buy Lost Ark Power leveling one, ensure that you're watching a streamer who offers other options.