What happens to it if it is buried in that spot forever

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Wave 35 jads cannot be ignored, and even if it's your first time prayer switching, you'll be required to do it for at least one jad. Smokey's strategy of standing towards the RS gold west and then walking to the jad isn't necessarily necessary. Stand on NE side of the rock and utilize invulnerability crystals instantly.

Attack jad once so it can be set to the dreadnip, then attack the meleer with a mage. Jad then becomes the only thing that can hit you. Haraken's head will only appear along the S, W and E sides.

I have successfully complete The Slayer challenge. The challenge is over. So, I accepted Sumona's challenge of slaying the notorious Kalphite Queen. Clicking on my sig will reveal my stats to help you remember.

Full void gear + mage helm, amulet Ring of Slaying, traditional cape. Forumers, I'd like your opinions and suggestions on how I could be able to complete this mission without failure.

All right, everyone, be ready to cast your down-votes as I have a second problem to ask... I have one of those hidden treasures in Carnillean Rising, as I'm sure that a lot of you do as well. It's been in my bank since I've completed the quest since I'm not quite sure how it works or what to do with it.

Yes, I know that you can place it on the ground to host your own private treasure hunt. But that's about it. I'd like to place a small prize in it and put it in a secluded area to be buried. But how can anyone else use it if I'm forced to set a pin on the lid or give keys away. This kind of defeats the point I suppose? If I bury it one the worlds I have chosen, does it really exist on all the worlds, or just the one I laid it to rest on?

What happens to it if it is buried in that spot forever, and forever, and always? What happens when other people locate it, let alone even realize that one is buried in a place? Another thing I'm worried about is that I don't want to begin announcing a treasure hunt. I'm pretty sure that a fraudster will turn this scam into a scam soon or at some time.

At this point, I'm left with no idea what to do. Personally, I have no feelings of attachment to the account or game, nor the pixels themselves. It was, in fact, my account at first and I was also the one who initiated it , and pushed it to level 100 of combat however the thought that someone, however he did it, managed to access my account, has put so much work and energy into the account which is probably greater than what I've done in my rs2007 gold life It's a tragedy and makes me pretty feel feel to have reactivated my account out of curiosity. If you're still reading, are you able to offer any advice?