I love soccer but Madden nfl is a complete monstrosity

I love soccer but Madden nfl is a complete monstrosity


Well said, I'm right there with ya about this. I'm hoping this may be a true low point in their own history and bring about some change. Granted I've said this multiple times. There's no strain for EA to fix anything so long as they have a monopoly. And so long as Mut 21 coins customers rush out to maintain buying Madden nfl.and complaining. And whining.and still purchasing Madden nfl year following year.Unfortunately that the NFL is a enormous brand and without any competition die hard football fans have no other option. Not NCAA. Of course, the license for the NFL is finishing after this year so I do believe there is pressure. Another firm has a chance to step in and make a game. The drawback is competing with EA and their history and manufacturer is not an easy task.

Sad bc I love soccer but Madden nfl is a complete monstrosity. EA has likely had years to start rendering real human movement into its deployment of autodesk platforms (assuming they use Shotgun/Maya) and guarantee thats not a thought specially when a name similar to this generates 2+billion on micro transactions independently. Coming out with a new name annually probably doesnt help but why a firm with a market cap of 35+billion doesnt allocate funds to make large scale fluctuations state every 2-3 years will be actually on the c-level folks.who probably dont give a fuck about anything other than stock price.

It is convenient that now many news websites are criticizing Madden if they praised Madden nfl and gave it reviews knowing that the product has been subpar since Madden 14. They are just as guilty. This is information. The game shares nothing in common with simulation football. Madden nfl is a arcade game designed to ensure a casual enthusiast throw a 60 yard contested pirate catch for their favourite reciever, hold pass Mahomes and can jump on. Player stats have little to no impact. The company literally let us know that they simply care about attributes they can pitch to casual viewers and Ultimate Team and do not care about Franchise, gameplay precision or other things. Madden will never change unless the whole direction is terminated (which is not occurring as Madden continues to print money) or 2k releases a competing game.

I just don't understand why Madden nfl can not work in some type of"bonus" given to a defensive AI each time your opponent runs exactly the same play. Or let us customize some rules in CFM such as limiting the amount of the same plays that can be run in a match, exposing certain cheese plays, etc.. It is ridiculous that commishes need to regulate this stuff in their own since Madden nfl makes cheesing so easy to start with.I recall quite a while past there was Madden 2000. This Madden had in. The"sim" drama was left with the standard manner. I don't know today why both methods can not be executed. All of us know it is not, although I understand EA believes it is with MUT.

This isn't only pertinent to Madden. A competitive scene in any sports game is to exploit Madden nfl not play a true sim sport style. It is routine. If you want to see or be a part of a true sim style game there are CFM's available to you that tinker greatly with sliders home rules but are never likely to abide with any simulation rules. They are going to find a way to exploit Madden nfl perform this over over. Is it? Yes, of course but that is why aggressive Madden or competitive 2k will never truly get off the ground with audiences. It cheap Madden 20 coins does resemble the sport.

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