How to earn MUT23 Coins by investing properly in Madden TOTW cards?

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How to earn MUT23 Coins by investing properly in Madden TOTW cards? -

If you invest, you can bet that the price on individual cards are going to rise. It is important to know the coming events and market dynamics during Madden 23. Usually, this means you buy players at market price and think about selling them for significantly higher prices within a few weeks or days.

You are mostly dependent on the out-of-packs approach. If the player's special card appears and can be drawn out by putting it in bundles. The relevant golden card can be pulled out of the package in this period. Because of the shortage of gold-colored cards available in the market Buy Madden 23 Coins, prices have increased. The more sought-after the gold cards are, the greater the price increase. This method is appropriate for teams that are on The Week (TOTW).