You have made a wise decision because it is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today. Most of the people are using Android phones or iPhones and they desire appealing cases for their mobile devices. However, many phone cases can be bland and boring, the majority of the youth population opt for a customized phone case. This lets them add their own flair, individuality, and personality to a device that’s going to be on show a lot among their peers. Catering to this market is a good business idea as the grow in phones has been tremendous over the past few years and is only expected to increase.

I recently went back to my home country of the UK and when there I was amazed at the prices of a phone case. I was totally shocked that something I’ve seen selling for less than $10 USD (7.50 GBP) in China is sold about $30 (22.5GBP). The designs weren’t even that good. With the exception of some very good rugged phone cases such as Otterbox and the like. Which offers a high degree of waterproof and dustproof protection most cases are comparatively cheap and easy to make.

Once I realised the potential it was a no brainier to start a custom phone business in China. After all the blank cases are very cheap here. All the equipment is readily available and the cost of workspace, electricity, and ink isn’t such a huge burden as it is in the States or the UK. If you start your own business selling phone replacement parts phone cases, you can be your own boss, work the hours you want and make a nice profit without having to invest in all this equipment up front. Simply make your orders through a printing business and you can take all the rewards with none of the risks. Let us take a quick look at the benefits, tips, and steps to start your own phone case business.

Benefits of having a Phone Case Business

  • You can sell the phone cases online as well as offline. You can have your own website which sells your cases. If you do not want to invest in a website, you can have your own page on Instagram or Facebook. People can order from you and you can give them an option of bank transfer, Paypal or cash on delivery.
  • Shipping is easy because phone cases are small in size. It does not require you to ship these phone cases in trucks and postage is cheap or even free in many cases.
  • The cost of production of custom phone cases is relatively low. If you work with a phone printing company then the start-up investment will be minimal as well. So it won’t require much start-up capital.

There is always a new phone model in the industry. It gives you the opportunity to cater to people’s phone cases needs. You can sell custom iPhone case or custom Samsung cases because they are so much in demand and there is always a new model coming to the market. You can make and choose your own designs or offer this level of customisation to your clients. Great for working with local sports clubs, fan clubs or promoting a local business.

The Types of Phone Cases You Can Produce

There are so many types of phone cases in the market. When you are starting your own business, you need to know about the different types. There are battery cases which are specially designed for providing extra charge to the phone. These are ideal for those who spend every waking moment with their eyes glued to their cell phone screen. There are tough cases, for those who have a habit of dropping their lg replacement parts phones or for people working outdoors. These bring much needed extra protection and help prevent the phone and screen from becoming broken or damaged.  The tough cases are practical but they are not always as appealing as folio or wallet cases.

The folio case covers the screen and protects it from damage. It has a wallet-like feature and it comes in many colours and designs. The bumper cases are meant for protecting your phone from scratches. The slim cases come in attractive designs. This are the cheapest custom phone cases that you can get and come in a huge range of attractive designs which many sites like made2b let you customize.

Why should you start your own phone case business?

It is evident that starting your own phone case business is lucrative. It does not require you to pay extra rent, buy equipment or have a location. You can have an online business which does not require you to open a showroom. You can trade the phone cases from the comfort of your home. The customers can choose a design as well or you can make your own unique designs for a niche market near you. There is a need for attractive custom iPhone cases and Galaxy Phone cases that is only going to get bigger. Almost everyone is using a smartphone or an iPhone! You have a lot of scope to earn by having your own phone case business. You can sell the phone cases on special occasions, college fests, at market kiosks and cooperate with company and club promotions as well.

Word from the Wise

If you purchased all the equipment to start up your own phone printing business you would be faced with some substantial overheads. The cost of printers, sublimations machines, ink, and electricity can all be avoided by ordering custom design phone cases a case printing company. If you check online you’ll find many such companies available. If you find the right partner company to print the phone repair parts wholesale for you, then you will be in good hands.  Some only allow for bulk order but a going number now cater let you order customized phone cases one by one or in bulk. Most will support drop shipping so the cases can be sent directly to your customers’ door. If you want to generate high profits with minimal investment this method is an ideal starting point.

Final thoughts

Setting up a business isn’t going to be a cake walk. It takes some time and effort but the phone case business is perhaps one of the easiest to get into. Almost everyone in this world is using a smartphone, in fact, there are more smartphones than people so there is an opportunity for anyone to get smart and start their own phone case business.

The investment is very low and if you order a good case printing company then you will save time and more while making good returns. You can always invest in the equipment for your own setup later but this is a nice way to dip your toes into the market with very low risk. When your customers get to know that they can order a customized phone case, they will spread the word and hundreds of people will come to your site or page for ordering their custom phone case.  If you like to chat on social media, send tweets or are active in Google+ communities you probably already have a large network to tap into.

What are you waiting for? You can be your own boss with just one simple step. All the best for your future venture!