Lost Ark Stronghold Station Menu

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The class offers only two options for Lost Ark Gold advanced classes: Shadowhunter and Deathblade.

Shadowhunters can change form and become the demons they are, which grants them more health, speed and strength.

Deathblade assassins fit a more typical mold than shadowhunters. They use a variety different swords to deliver quick attacks as well as combos that can cause lethal injury.

It is not surprising that this class employs weapons such as guns and bows to take out enemies from range.Lost Ark Stronghold Workshop Menu

Workshops are where you can create new items for the final game. HP potions, battle equipment tools, cosmetic items to strengthen your hold can all be made from this workshop. To unlock additional recipes for your workshop, you can research improvements to your workshop using your lab. Nearly all trade skills tools are utilized within this list.

Lost Ark Stronghold Station Menu

When you have a ship and unlock it, you'll be able assign crew members to finish specific tasks. These missions provide currency for your stronghold, upgrades materials as Buy Lost Ark Power leveling well as rewards by Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids (explained in the Additional Stronghold Features section).


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