Lovely Wedding In Georgetown For Romantic

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Marie and Cord met in architecture school, bonding over their love of old industrial buildings. While looking for his or her venue, they wanted an area with a nice design but additionally lots of character. At Georgetown, a town located in Texas, they found their perfect location in Union on Eighth. Marie and Cord tied the knot on October 2, exactly seven years once they first started dating. Seriously, this wedding is simply too cute!

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Georgetown has probably the most beautiful historic courthouse squares in the state. A friend who lives there explained about a venue one block from the Square which had recently opened within an old auto repair center. We took one consider the Union and knew we'd to have our wedding there. The owners had preserved all of the historic features while adding their very own special touch with unique lighting and furniture.

In two words, our wedding was eclectic vintage. The common denominator was vintage books. Cord's last name is Read, both of us love to read, and I am just a little obsessed with vintage book covers, so a magazine theme just made sense. We made some books into planters and used them as centerpieces. We also added vintage jars with candles and flowers to the mix. Each table was unique. The venue was stunning in its own right, so aside from the tables, we did not have to do much else.

There are extremely many to count, however, the best needed to be when Cord and I got into the car after the night and lastly got to take it all in. Literally, everyone, we love turned up in a place we like to celebrate our love. That realization is profound, will still be hard to think that it wasn't an aspiration. short bridesmaid dresses.