Find eight logs split as well as eight ropes at the bank and the knife

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Things required: 8 arctic pine logs or an 8-split log RuneScape gold (both can be found in the next part) and 8 ropes (can be found during the next part) An axe, and knives. We recommend that you take armour as well as a lot of food.

Make your way to Mawnis Burowgar and give him eight ropes. Do you have ropes missing? There's no issue. Take a few yaks out and deliver your hair to the spinning wheel that is located in the village. You will not only keep the ropes; you'll also receive 1.000 coins in addition.

Repairing the bridge

Mawnis Burowgar will then ask you to bring eight logs that have been split. If your level of Woodcutting is higher than 56. Cut the logs and bring them to the stump for woodcutting situated in the middle village for splitting. If your Woodcutting skill is lower than 56. Continue your quest by purchasing the logs that have been split from other players. Once completed, bring these to Mawnis and earn another 1.5K coins for rewards.

In order to start repairing the bridges, Speak to The guard Thakkrad Sigmundson.

A word of caution: bring lots of food, and wear good armor for you, because you might be attacked by high-level Trolls in the next stage.

Find eight logs split as well as eight ropes at the bank and the knife. Ropes can also be purchased in the main supply NPC in the bank. Explore the bridges that have been damaged further north and fix them by clicking right. Be cautious, as you could be attacked Trolls on the way. One repair is all that is needed per one bridge. The repair of the bridge in the east could be difficult. Protect from Missiles must be activated before you even start. In the process of repairing the bridges prayers to protect you from missiles will be disabled and you won't be able to active them. Ice Troll females might try to take advantage of this advantage and often cause heavy ranged on you. When repairing the bridge ensure that you have Protect from Missiles On. When you leave the bridge, all the damage caused from projectiles while working will be repaired.

Return toward OSRS GP Mawnis Burowgar. You'll get another 1.5k coins to repair the bridges. You'll be required to research the caves of the trolls. However, an additional king could be taking the attack on the trolls incorrectly and you'll need to verify whether this is the case.