There are four Mokoko Seeds with Lost Ark Gold

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Mokoko Seeds Three and Four Secret Entrance

Lost Ark: Where To Lost Ark Gold Find Every Mokoko Seed In Totopia

Totopia, the island of talking (and tranquil) animals is among the most fun yet heartwarming islands Lost Ark has to offer. Being able to see predators and prey only coexisting , but also becoming friendly with each other is refreshing and an oasis in a world rife with conflicts.

The scattered across Totopia There are four Mokoko Seeds with half found on the map, while the remaining half are found off-map. It's good to know that none are difficult to find - so let's see where you can spot these seeds and get yourself some roster experience as well as Mokoko Seeds points.

Where Is Totopia?

Totopia is situated at the Sea of Gienah, a short distance to the south of island of Tortoyk located directly beneath their port (it's literally a perfect latitudinal line down) that is distinguished by the anchor symbol.

Mokoko Seed One

The very first Mokoko Seed is near the entrance to Totopia located on the eastern part of the island. It's located just several steps behind the Standing Horse.It is also fortunate to be in a sunny area (and it is surrounded with shaded zones) It's therefore easy to find.

Mokoko Seed Two

Second Mokoko Seed is found in northwestern part of the island (that looks like the head of a pitchfork on this map). It's right underneath an oak tree, and therefore is somewhat obscured. You may need to look up a little to see this one because of how it's disguised.

Mokoko Seeds Three and Four Secret Entrance

Third and Fourth Mokoko Seeds are found off-map however they're located in a spot which should be familiar to those who have already did the initial quests on the island.You'll need to use a secret entrance found on the western side of the map. one reason that it's familiar is that it's the entrance to the Pigerett's hideout. Simply walk through the forest, and you're in the cave.

Mokoko Seeds Three And Four

Once inside the cave, there are two Mokoko seeds lying in wait for you there. They're located on the same side, barely concealed by best place to buy Lost Ark Gold the lush vegetation.