A number of responses compared Warcraft Arclight Rumble to Clash Royale

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Warcraft Arclight Rumble Accused of being a Clash of Clans Knockoff

Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming mobile title, Warcraft WoTLK Gold Rumble, has already been called to be a Clash of Clans knockoff in some circles. A hint of a Warcraft-branded mobile game have been circulating earlier in the year, courtesy of a report by the journalist Jason Schreier that claimed such game would debut in 2022. Blizzard announced plans to unveil more specific information regarding the mobile gaming project in May.

However, this does not represent Blizzard Entertainment's very first foray into the mobile market. For example the publisher and developer achieved their goal of rolling out a free-to play collectible card game Hearthstone, which further broadened the universe of Warcraft for players on PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. Also, Diablo Immortal serves as the next major game to be released by the company, as the free-to play action RPG will launch on mobile devices as well as PC this coming June.

Yesterday, May 3. Blizzard showcased a first look at its brand new games for the mobile platform, Warcraft Arclight Rumble, the fast-paced strategy game in the huge World of Warcraft universe. While Android users can pre-register on the official Warcraft Arclight Rumble website, information about the game's launch are locked and key. Viewers have noted one thing, though - this coming Warcraft experience has several similarities to Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. YouTube comments on the gameplay trailer draw comparisons with the Supercell-developed games, for example. Furthermore, Reddit user Saerjin posted a question on the forum asking whether anyone else has noticed the Clash of Clans influence. A number of responses compared Warcraft Arclight Rumble to Clash Royale, specifically.

Just one look into the film and it's clear to see why some have described Arclight Rumble as Clash Royale with Warcraft characters thrown in the mix. Now, the question is how exactly Blizzard Entertainment intends to carve out its own path while also drawing inspiration from the Clash of Clans playbook. If Blizzard Entertainment does decide to launch its next World of Warcraft experience this year, players won't have to wait for much for details about gameplay.

This announcement comes close to the heels of Blizzard informally revealing WoTLK Classic Gold, the WotLK Classic expansion to World of Warcraft in general. The highly-anticipated content has yet to be announced an official release date however, PC players will be able to look forward to an updated user interface, redesigned mechanics, Dragonridingas well as a new Evoker class as well as the playable humanoid/dragon hybrid race called Dracthyr. Needless to say, Warcraft is a busy year ahead of it.