Celebrate Your Big Day With Friends And Relatives In Gorgeous Wedding Dresses

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Full of excitement and big-day jitters, the bride-to-be truly might forget to stay hydrated or eat some breakfast. Remind her to hydrate through the day to help keep her energy up (and hopefully avoid a hangover at brunch the following day). Don’t forget to help keep yourself hydrated, too!

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During the ceremony, the bridesmaid should offer to hold the bride-to-be’s bouquet after she gets to the altar. After the ceremony, hand it well before the pair retreats down again the aisle. Also, the MOH might be responsible for holding the partner’s ring – guard by using your life! Click

As one of the most extraordinary women in the bride-to-be’s life, it's customary that you should give a toast at the reception. Be sure to prepare in advance, making notes months ahead of time of special memories, velvet bridesmaid dresses, funny moments, and just how you knew the pair was ideal for each other. Closer to the big day, practice delivering your speech aloud a few times to finalize precisely what you want to say.

This is a special day you should, so don’t forget to have fun together with your best friend or sister on her wedding day! So dance the nighttime away in celebration of the amazing day along with a job well done!

Being ready to tackle these bridesmaid duties sets you, the bride-to-be, and everyone up for big day success!

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