Oblak is ranked as the best goalkeeper in FIFA 23

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Atléti guy Jan Oblak is ranked as the best goalkeeper in FIFA 23. He has four locations before Barca's Marc-André ter Stegen, 13 ahead of Liverpool's Alisson along with also an incredible 17 places higher on the Top 100 than Man Utd man David de Gea FIFA 23 coins. He is the clean sheet enthusiast's choice afterward. Looking at the stats of Oblak shows he has the best handling of any goalie in the game. Some might prefer the reflexes and kicking of p Gea, but Jan's elevation, diving, placement, feeble and reflexes foot skills are solid. If you fancy creating your team hard to beat and being the new Diego Simeone pick him.

It possible to play with defenders such as Kalidou Coulibaly and Giorgio Chiellini at back. They're going to be adequate where on the line you put them. But, rules are rules, and the standards for this listing stipulates a single participant per position. That leaves Barca's Jordi Alba free to catch the LB slot and make it his very own. His pace is similar to his good to get a defender and lightning, his dribbling amazing, his place on. So, it is questionable whether he would suit supervisors who enjoy without falling below 50% endurance wing springs which run up and down all game.

On the other side of the defensive back, the Joshua Kimmich of Bayern is your man. He sits 33 places above the Dani Carvajal of Real Madrid at the 100 and is rated a point higher than the Spaniard too. EA's typical decline with age comes into play here. Despite just three years between them (Kimmich is 24 and Carvajal 27), and also some neck-and-neck stats, the game prefers the younger German. Purchase Kimmich and rest assured you will have a strong, physical broad guy who will feed balls with 84 dribbling and 86 passing to wingers or midfield ahead of him cheap FUT 23 coins. He's more defensive than Jordi Alba on the other flank, which is precisely why he's here. Not that this 'Best XI' needs more solidarity at the trunk.

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