Madden NFL 23 is bum friendly and individuals just run stock

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5 Broad Verticals with two seam streaks is only really good cause many people run Cover 3(which I will kill by having both seam streaks and a few out paths across both sides ) or don't know how to user it efficiently. It's very blitzed which balances it. Yeah I can certainly stop it however as you said Madden NFL 23 is bum friendly and individuals just run stock cover 3 Mut 23 coins.

The funniest thing is when folks run non-base aligned stock Cover 3 every play. I recall earlier in the year I ran a Cover 3 beater from Bunch(Insanely straightforward. Literally only a run out of the slot and motioning the out course beside out it ) with those FO Mecole Hardman on the initial play of the Madden NFL 23 match for just 4 games straight cause individuals live and die by stock Cover 3. And dont get me wrong I do use cover 3 over any other shell since I find it simplest to use as I like to user the deep middle security.

I just don't understand how people may come out at a stock non-base aligned Cover 3 and not feel sus relating to this giant gap with only 1 security over the top at the onset of the play. Even if the beater doesn't get open, one of my corners or outside paths will. Non base accommodates cover 3 skies user here. The single high-tech does not bother me as you can shade the DBs below to halt the corners and outs and use the LBs to take care of the pay beaters by bumping the slot guy then following the crosser or post guy. Its simpler to present just one high safety as a pay 1 blitz transferring a LB on the edge allowing for more bait opportunities.

Also does not really thing about giving up the brief play the attention is to get the opponent to need to drive down the field rather than the fast over the top TD madden 23 coins buy.

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