As FIFA 23 is hugely determined by pace

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Marcelo's key stand out stats would be 89 crossing his 92 ball control and 83 positioning making him a constant threat going forward constantly. He cannot be relied upon heavily to breakdown counter-attacks as Marcelo is a player or make that defensive move as he's 77 defending overall with a 71'def. Consciousness' stat that sometimes questions his visibility as a back four FIFA 23 coins.

As FIFA 23 is hugely determined by pace, it is ideal to utilize Marcelo as LB or a LWB using a'return while attacking' education to prevent gaps in your defense which the opposition players (especially pacey ones) can capitalize on. Marcelo, however, has powerful attacking stats which makes him a fantasy winger however given the fact he is not the most effective from the match, he's definitely the best-attacking left-back at FIFA 23 to utilize.

Konami staff trawling Twitter involving 24-30 September should have laughed hard. They, along with innumerable other social media users, would've loved (or lamented, depending upon your allegiance in the footy gaming war) the sight of tens of thousands of #FixCareerMode articles cluttering timelines everywhere.

FIFA fans forking out cash for EA game were not happy, and with good reason. Career Mode, a long loved but important cog in EA's cash system, was unplayable, buggy and broken.

Other hitches incorporate post-game press conferences that don't reflect what has just happened on the pitch, participant editing totally switching places randomly buy FUT 23 coins, league tables showing alarming stats like 75 matches played and the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues failing to start after a couple of seasons. It's a game-breaking mess.

Here is how EA can fix it beyond simply patching out their own (frankly disgraceful) pre-release excellent controller muck ups.

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