So she asked him if he's O.K. Watson replied that he was fine and stopped thrusting for a short time

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The nature of the suits comprised of a woman that stated that Watson tried to get her into kissing him and another who claims that the quarterback tried to sexually assault her two occasions during their time in Madden 23 coins  an office building. As a result of these lawsuits Buzbee has asked the Houston police department, and the Harris County District Attorney's Office to investigate these claims brought against Watson in the hopes of seeking criminal charges in along with the civil cases in the case.

On March 22 , another lawsuit has been brought, but this one from California. This is the 14th civil matter brought against Watson and, this time, from the massage therapist. This suit referred to Watson as a "serial prey," in describing an incident that Watson invited the woman to meet him for a massage at a certain time, then locked the doors and during the massage allegedly held her hand over his penis. In response to her protest, Watson claimed "I won't force you to sign an NDA, but don't ever discuss this."

To a query for information via ESPN, Dane Schiller, spokesperson from the Harris County District Attorney's Office stated that it was "inappropriate" to offer an explanation of whether or not his office was pursuing charges."It isn't appropriate for the District Attorney's Office to comment on a civil lawsuit and we do not publicly discussing allegations in any matter until and if a criminal complaint is filed; we do this out of fairness to everyone," Schiller stated in an announcement.

The Madden NFL 23 remained quiet throughout this time, with no response from the league office , aside from the initial statement by the spokesperson Brian McCarthy, who said "the matter was being reviewed." review."Jenny Vrentas from Sports Illustrated wrote an article detailing allegations from another California-based massage therapist, "Mary," one who's not a participant in the Buzbee lawsuit. The woman said she reached out to the lawyer, but wasn't happy signing a document that made him her sole legal representation.

This incident, which occurred in 2019. did not involve sexual assault but rather numerous inappropriate actions during what was believed be a regular session.

"After ninety minutes of work, Watson demanded to continue the time for another hour. The session continued on his quads, inner abdominal area, and thighs -- the specific areas he requested. Watson was able to get an erection she says, and also began clenching and slowly "thrusting the air." Mary at first thought that the movement was the result of her deep-tissue work. So she asked him if he's O.K. Watson replied that he was fine and stopped thrusting for a short time."

The therapist explained that she was talking to legal counsel on how to proceed at moment of publication.Texans General Manager Nick Casserio said that Watson was to be included on  madden nfl 23 coins the 53-man roster for the team to begin the season, however Watson will not take part in the game. He was instead inactive for each game because of "non-injury personal reasons."

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