What is a full-scale drilling simulation training system?

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What is a full-scale drilling simulation training system?

All hardware systems in the full-scale drilling simulation training system highly simulate the real equipment on site. Various operation modes, parameter display modes, panel layouts, etc. in the simulation system are consistent with the production site. By projecting three-dimensional graphics onto the screen, the system can produce a visual effect similar to a scene. Combined with the realistic sound effects of live equipment, it gives an immersive sense of immersion and realism.


The training system is based on advanced computer technology, artificial intelligence technology, virtual reality technology and advanced network technology, combined with rigorous simulation of the actual process of drilling engineering, and adopts highly reliable classical physics and mathematical models. Based on real on-site well conditions and well history information, it provides users with various training operations such as tripping, drilling, well control, equipment fault detection, drilling accidents and handling of complex situations.


The system highly simulates well conditions and equipment operation, improves the flexibility of the trainer's operation, and greatly improves the training efficiency and effect of the trainer.


The training system can train five modules, namely: tripping module, drilling module, downhole accident handling module, shut-in operation and cementing operation.


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