Exclusive Cheats! How to Quickly Play Smart Magic Flying Ball

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Intelligent induction magic flying ball toy

First of all, spread the palm of your hand and drag the bottom of the flying ball, the flying ball will automatically levitate and fly, and accompanied by brilliant LED lights, it will be even more cool to play the flying ball at night!

The flying ball can be rotated or played with the magic wand. The magic wand can not only absorb the flying ball, but also change the height of the ball, and even change the color of the ball with the press of a button!

The outer frame of the flying ball is made of odorless spray paint and PP plastic material. This material is environmentally friendly, healthy and safe, and has strong toughness. The flying ball uses USB charging, which is more convenient and saves the cost of replacing the battery!

Finally, and the most important point: the price of the flying ball is very affordable, only 29.99$, and the operation is very simple. If you still can't fly smoothly, please read the more detailed flight guide. Come and have fun with your family and friends!