One great season in 2014 with the Texans led the Jets to forget about his past poor seasons

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t did not matter that Fitzpatrick could not be a successful starting quarterback for more than one season prior to falling apart. The brand he built was Madden 23 coins built on having a sudden appearance with his winning streak, and creating fans who fell in love with his. This was the philosophy behind "FitzMagic," but the most difficult part was finding the right Madden NFL 23 Executive willing to deposit a large amount of money.

In all, Fitzpatrick earned an astonishing $82.118.420 across his 17 seasons in Madden NFL 23. In the first place, it might seem like a small amount in a time when $100 million contracts are becoming the typical, but when we take a look at what Fitzpatrick made to Madden NFL 23 greats of his era, the man was a king.

Three players including two members of the Hall of Fame, one on his way -- all of them made less or slightly more than a man who, relatively speaking took smaller smacks, sacrifice his body less, and remain on the sidelines more often than the three other players.

It's tempting to turn this into a contest of dollars or cents, but it's amazing how great Fitz was at weaving his magic off the field. He was pretty impressive also. Don't get me wrong, he never really won games. In fact, he was 59-87-1 as a starter, but you're surprised he lost this many times because the stigma surrounding Fitzpatrick made him believe he was a winner even if he didn't.

In 2009. he took over the role of Trent Edwards and Brian Brohm in Buffalo which they combined for a 2-6 record, before Fitzpatrick became the new coach, going 4-4. and became a hero. The next year he went 4-9 as a starter and was still awarded a six-year, $59 million contract based on his perception of being winning.

The same thing took place in New York. One great season in 2014 with the Texans led the Jets to forget about his past poor seasons, giving Fitzpatrick an initial signing bonus of $10 million and a belief that madden 23 coins cheap he is their future player when he turns 33.