MetaMask Sign in- Buy, store, send and swap tokens

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In the crypto realm, MetaMask is a well-known name, because of its high-end services and
standout security measures.

In the crypto realm, MetaMask is a well-known name, because of its high-end services and
standout security measures.

In this blog post, we will go through the complete process of sending tokens through the
MetaMask wallet. But, before heading to the core topic, if you don’t have enough idea what the

MetaMask is, we will have a quick tour of MetaMask first.
Using this MetaMask crypto wallet, users may store and transfer ETH and ERC-20 tokens that

they either buy on the site or transfer from other exchanges. It is available for both mobile and
PC users in form of native mobile applications and browser extensions respectively. Multiple
browsers support MetaMask such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft
Edge but not Safari browser.
You can buy, sell, transfer or stake your crypto using this wallet. So, now we will cover the
procedure of sending tokens via MetaMask sign in.
Steps to send crypto to your MetaMask wallet through Defi
Sending funds using MetaMask sign in is quite an easy process. All you have to do is follow the
given process thoroughly.
1. To begin, you must purchase any ERC-20 tokens supported by the Metamask Wallet on
Defi, such as Ethereum or USDT.
2. Navigate to the quot;Sendquot; button on the home screen after purchasing these tokens on
3. Fill up the recipient#39;s address space with your Metamask wallet address.
4. Click the quot;Sendquot; button after entering the desired coin amount that you want to send.
5. Your MPIN will be required in order to confirm the transaction.
6. Your email account will get an OTP. Your transaction request will be executed when you
enter that OTP.

7. A success notification and email will be sent to you once the transaction is finished. The
updated balance will subsequently be shown in your Metamask wallet.
Yes! That’s it. You have successfully completed the transaction, you can confirm it by checking
your account balance.
Final thought
MetaMask is known as an Ethereum wallet because of its feature to support Ethereum and
Ethereum-based tokens. It is the reliable gateway to the decentralised web and allows to access
Well, in this write-up I have elucidated the ultimate step-by-step guide to sending tokens using
MetaMask sign in account after purchasing on Defi. Just go through the outlined steps properly
to complete the process.