How To Take Care of Maine Coon Cats

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Purchasing a Maine coon cat? Apart from finding the best deal on finding Maine Coon Kittens for Sale, you should also have a mindset to take good care of them. Here, in this article, you will get a thorough guide about caring for your Maine coon cat. So let's dig into the depths of the article. 




The average Maine coon cat weighs approx 6.8-11.5 kg ( 15-25Ibs). You should include the following things to keep these cats fit and healthy.


  • Fars and fatty acid
  • Protein
  • Vitamin
  • Carbohydrates
  • Enough water


Protein is a need for them to have healthy growth, the carbohydrates supply energy, while vitamins and fat keep them healthy and shiny. Don't miss to provide them with enough water as they love to drink water, and it's essential to stay hydrated. 


Brush Regularly


The Maine coon breeds love brushing, and you will know when finding them on Maine Coon Kittens for Sale. You can use a brush made of horsehair or dog hair and gently stroke it towards the far growth direction. Make sure your cat is relaxed and comfortable when you brush them. If they don't like it, play with them with any toy and try it later. 


Brushing can help your cat in several ways, such as - it removes dead hair and keeping the cost shiny. Apart from that, regular brushing keeps skin problems away.  


Involve Them With Activities


The Maine coon cats have a high energy level, and you need to waste this energy level. Although they have bulky physics, they still live to play and run. So, you should provide them with enough room to play. 


You can furnish a home corner with scratchers, climbers and other interactive toys. Make the place attractive for them so that they can enjoy themselves here. However, they also expect the human company, so don't leave them alone too long, which may make them depressed. 


Bathing Your Maine Coon


The Maine coon cats love swimming and prefer the water temperature to be within 97-100°F. Don't use shampoo every day on your Maine coon cats. You can only use it two times a month. You can also keep your Maine coon wet during the warm weather.


Are Maine Coon Cats Good House Cats


The Maine coon cats generally have a laid-back personality. So, you can raise them indoors and outdoors. Many prefer to grow indoors, as they are a coveted breed, so there is a risk of being stolen. 


These cats are more significant than the others. So, keep enough room in your home to allow them to roam about. Apart from size, they are strong too. So, try to keep them away from the breakables in your home. 


The Maine coon breeds are human-friendly, and they love human companionship. Apart from taking proper care, it would help if you also kept your eyes on their mental stimulation to make them stay as good house cats. 



If you want to have a great time with a pet, then look for Maine coon cats for sale, as they can be an excellent choice for you. They are family oriented and love to get company from humans. But avoid giving them too many strokes, and don't touch them too much as they don't prefer it. Please provide them with the right food, water, brushing, bathing and enough place to play. In return, you will enjoy cuddles and soft furs reserved for their human friends.