BC.Game Clone Script for building Feature-Rich Crypto Casino Games

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BC.Game clone script is the cloned version of popular Crypto casino game BC.Game. The game source code that can be purchased and installed directly installed to servers by doing little customization. We at Hivelance, have rich experience in building crypto based casino games development.

What is BC. Game:

BC. game clone script is a clone of the popular Crypto casino game BC. Game. The game source code can be purchased and installed directly to servers with minimal customization. BC. Game is used to develop the gaming modules, user interface, administrative panel, gaming mechanics, and payment gateway support.

How to build Crypto Casino Games like BC. Game?

Many Crypto Entrepreneurs wanted to develop a Crypto casino game similar to BC. Game. However, due to technical difficulties, half of them were stuck at the halfway point.

What is the solution? If you're a serious entrepreneur who still wants to create games like BC. Game? You can get started right away by using the BC. Game clone script. The cost of the script is lower than the cost of developing it from scratch. You can also make changes to the game after it has been released.

Follow the simple stages of development as follows.

Step 1 - Idea visualization

Step 2 - Build Prototype or MVP version

Step 3 - Game engine development

Step 4 - Game UI Design Integration

Step 5 - Database architecture development

Step 6 - Testing phase

Step 7 - Game Release

Game modules in our BC. Game clone script

  • ATM Game
  • Roll game
  • Noce Dice Game
  • BlackJack game
  • Casino game
  • Lottery game
  • Sports game

Cost to develop Crypto Casino like BC. Game:

A large number of resources should be required to develop such a game project. To do so, the game's creator should hire expert game developers, crypto payment support engineers, front-end backend developers, game designers, and smart contract developers.

Development from scratch appears to be a time-consuming process as well. Connect with our team to learn the exact cost breakdown of such crypto casino game development. We will discuss the costs of each process in great detail.

Hivelance’s Experience in Crypto Casino game development:

Hivelance has extensive experience in developing crypto-based casino games. In particular, we have created gaming infrastructure for simpler blockchain games. UI/UX designers, gaming architects, web developers, mobile app developers, blockchain specialists, and expert project managers make up our team. From the creation of a prototype to the validation of the testing phase, our team takes on the entire process and guides your project towards the vision.


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