Best Free Online SEO Tutorial For Beginner

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If you’ve always wondered – how to learn SEO online for free, just by yourself, then you don’t need to look any further. If you’ve always wondered – how to learn SEO online for free, just by yourself, then you don’t need to look any further.

Why Google is So Important

Why SEO Becomes So Important For Online Visibility?

What are the Benefits of SEO?

1.   It Improves a Website’s Discoverability and Generates More Traffic

2.   It Builds a Brand’s Reputation

3.   It Offers a Good Return On Investment

4.   It Helps In Reaching Every Target Audience

5.   It is a Perfect Marketing Strategy

6.   It Aids User Experience

Understand The Concepts of Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking

Understanding key concepts of SEO make you do wonder in your campaign. Always try to implement the google guiderlines and focus on key concepts.




Now, we come to the execution part. How to do SEO and what should be focussed.

How To Do SEO?

1. Keyword Research Keyword Targeting

The first phase of SEO is finding out what your brand or website stands for and why it needs optimization. With this detail, you may develop the idea in terms of keywords, which would then be used to rank your website on any search engine platform.

2. On-Site Optimization

The next part determines the entire framework of the website to ensure the maximum visibility of published content to a target audience. On-site Optimization involves inserting keyword elements in certain parts of the content while covering design and user experience.

3. Content Creation

The next part is crafting content for the website. Content creation and marketing are important for SEO because it relays the information you want searchers or visitors to know. And as often said, content is power. Powerful content will attract more visitors, automatically creating an indexed page on search engines.

4. Backlinking and Link Building

Backlinking and link building (or off-site optimization) is a step further to creating a good SEO page.

You can read in details about these concepts and benefits of seo from the below source link. click this.

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