wholesale Special Fiber Optic Cable

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wholwholesale Special Fiber Optic Cablewholesale Special Fiber Optic Cableesale Special Fiber Optic Cable

wholesale Special Fiber Optic Cable F-SST self-supporting figure 8 cable contains mini F-SST as optical fiber unit and single steel wire or wire rope strengthening members. The maximun number is 24. It is jacketed with LSZH, PE or PA. F-SST self-supporting figure 8 cable has small size and low weight. With perfect mechanical performance and wide temperature and wide temperature range, it can withstand the strong pressure and harsh environment, and is suitable for overhead laying. It is perfect solution to replace the traditional figure 8 cables. Construction Single mode, multimode fiber optical cable, maximum of 24 cores F-SST LSZH, PE, or PA jacketing, anti-ultraviolet radiation Steel wire or wire rope strengthening Characteristics Small size and low weight Good mechanical performance, withstanding the tensile force and force and super pressure Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-rodents,no rusty Resistance to acid, alkali, salt corrsion Outstanding high and low temperature performances Application Indoor cabling Pipe laying Ground slot laying Temperature sensing cable Fire monitoring Temperature Range Operating temperature: -60~+80鈩?/p Storage temperature: -60~+80鈩?/p Min. Bending Radius Static=10D Dynamic=20D Replacement GYXTC8S, GYTC8S Fiber countssizeCable weightAllowable tensile force (N)Allowing crush force (N) dd1tkg / kmLong-term / short-termLong-term / short-term 41.351.351.0036.621250/25002000/4000 61.501.501.0044.421500/30002000/4000 81.751.751.0053.371750/35002000/4000 Enterprise Honor Our Company Our Factory Our Serviceswholesale Special Fiber Optic Cable website:http://www.fcjcable.com/special-fiber-optic-cable/