Garden Furniture Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know

Quality matters when it comes to buying rattan furniture and like anything else this will be reflected in the price tag, so it consider it a future investment for your

When buying rattan Leisure Chair furniture online you really need to take your time to make sure you are comparing like for like as there are so many different qualities, sizes, designs and styles that it is easy to become confused and start to assume that cheaper product might offer better value which isn’t always true.

Weigh Up The Costs

Price doesn’t always dictate quality, which refers to both cheaper rattan garden furniture and furniture sets that are priced at the higher end of the market. Pay close attention to the materials that have been used to make the furniture as this will give you a clearer indication on the value of what you are purchasing.

For example, rattan garden furniture made from PE or HDPE are specialised materials that will invariably cost more. While ranges from PU or PVC can also offer reliable quality, although not as much as the premium materials. Going cheaper will usually mean lower levels of weather resistance and durability and possibly higher levels of maintenance, but if the price fits into your budget they will still make a worthwhile investment.

Quality matters when it comes to buying rattan furniture and like anything else this will be reflected in the price tag, so it consider it a future investment for your home and weigh up how much use you will get from it.

Showerproof Cushions

The fabrics we use are 230g to 250g polyester and they have a more luxurious feel and good durability compared to lower grades of fabric. The cushions either have a mix colour weave or a ribbed pattern on the fabric. Polyester fabric is suitable for outdoor use and the coating provides a showerproof layer to protect again light rain. Typically, the material is stitched over quality high-density foam filler cushion.


When considering outdoor furniture there is a world of colourful finishes available and it can all get a little overwhelming! Whilst you should never limit yourself or your personal style, it is always best to stick with a neutral base colour palette for predominant pieces of furniture and then add colourful splashes into the mix with vibrant cushions, textiles and accent pieces, this will ensure aesthetic longevity from your look!

Keep in Mind the Storage

Once summer is over, it will be hard for you to use your garden furniture because of the cold weather. Therefore, add life to your amenities by providing protected storage. Covers are not enough to protect them, so make sure that you have extra storage space. Buy furniture that you can use during winter, or covers that fold easily for storage.

Consider Your Weather

Weather is the most crucial factor for choosing the kind of outdoor furniture. Is your weather hot and dry, or does it rain often? Do you live near the coast? All these are the essential questions you should think before opting outdoor furniture.

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