Which makeover is best in Delhi?

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Makeup Artist In Delhi

The Kriti Makeovers has years of experience in the professional makeup field, so we know how to make the makeup stays long. We use the high quality makeup kits in the proper way, so the makeup don't get melted midway. Here are the steps we apply to hold the make up for a long way.

High Quality Setting Powder

The translucent setting powder refers to loose powders that prevent the face makeup from smudging. We apply the setting powder as per your skin tone at the end of the makeup to make it stay longer.

First, we dip the makeup brush in translucent powder and dab it on T-zone, jawline, forehead, nose, etc to prevent makeup smudging. If you have sweat issues, then you should tell us first. So we can apply the right thing to your face.

We Use Setting Spray

Setting spray can work well on dry skin. Because it provides the skin dewy appearance that can keep your foundation, eye and lip makeup stay for a longer time.

There are some particular strategies for using the setting spray , such as holding the makeup spray six meters away from the skin and sprinkle it two times over the face. The best time to apply setting spray is after you finish the best makeover in Delhi.

Exfoliate The Face

We guide our clients in the best way, so they can get maximum benefit. We share various tips and suggestions for our client's depending on our customer's skin tone. Such as, at KritiMakeover, we always suggest exfoliating the skin before applying makeup.

Makeup stays better on exfoliated skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells which are especially helpful for dry, itchy, or bumpy skin. Two to three times exfoliation is necessary for dry skin but for oily skin, three times exfoliation works better.

We Use long Stay Lipstick

Matte lipstick can stay longer than a creamy or glossy one. We first, massage your lips with moisturizer and then apply lipstick. It will keep your lip hydrated and will make the lipstick look beautiful. After that, we use a setting spray to ensure everything stays in place.


We follow the above steps in the right way, so our clients won't need to reach for their makeup bag very frequently. Whatever makeup you apply on your skin, without appropriate skin care, your skin will be damaged soon. if you need to put on makeup on an everyday basis. Regularly cleanse, tone, and apply moisturizer on your face to keep it in good condition. Apart from that, you should also rely on the best makeover in Delhi - KritiMakeover, to look flawless.

Before You Book Our Professional Makeup Package, Then Prepare The Skin For Makeup Beforehand

To keep your skin in good condition, regular toning and moisturizing are a must. You should only use a proper cleanser and then the right moisturizer according to your face type. Makeup stays long and looks better on hydrated skin. So, apply a good moisturizer when having makeup.

Let the moisturizer sink into your skin. Makeup on dry skin can end up with layered, heavy, and even makeup coverage. First, cleanse your face, and rub an ice cube for 5-10 minutes. After some time, apply a good moisturizer and wait for some time. Now you are ready to start with your makeup.

We always share things that can give you utmost benefits. This is why , we always stay in the list of top 10 makeup artist in Delhi, NCR.