Defensive Measure Path of Exile's Siege of the Atlas Introduces a New Passive Skill Tree

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Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas is primarily geared toward reworking the game's endgame and will be available for download on February 4 for Windows PCs, followed by a release on February 9 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas is primarily geared toward reworking the game's endgame and will be available for download on February 4 for Windows PCs, followed by a release on February 9 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Archnemesis Challenge League provides an interesting twist with boss modifiers that can make for some equally gruesome and rewarding encounters for players who are interested in taking it slow throughout the main story. This league is recommended for players who have this interest. Siege of the Atlas makes a reference to the Atlas of Worlds, which was initially released in 2016 and can be inferred from the name of the game. The activity takes place at the end of the game and consists of jumping into single maps that each have their own unique antagonists, bosses, and modifiers. After you have defeated the final boss and collected all of the loot, you will be free to leave this instance and enter a new one. In fact, I wrote an article about how the previous expansion, Echoes of Atlas, brought about a number of significant changes to this fundamental idea in 2021.

Before continuing to read this, you might want to find a comfortable place to sit if you aren't already doing so. The emphasis here is on passive abilities, which can include anything from increased damage when using certain weapons to improved skill when working with particular statistics.

Passive skill trees were also included in The Atlas of Worlds; however, their operation was different, and they were segmented into specific regions across the expansive map that made up Atlas itself. You could use things known as Watchstones to unlock new maps to run through and raise the level of maps across your Atlas (it's a whole thing). You could also use these Watchstones to upgrade existing maps. Now, however, both of those characteristics that were discussed earlier have evolved.

Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas introduces a brand-new passive skill tree called Atlas of Worlds, and I'd like to take this opportunity to walk you through it. Yeah. A single passive tree now provides access to more than 600 different passive abilities and effects. This includes both brand new abilities and skills that you will be familiar with from previous regional Atlas Trees that you have completed. If you run a map and complete the bonus objective, you will earn one skill point at the end of the run. This is how the system works. Completing the Maven's multi-boss fights can help you acquire a few more of them if that is something you are looking for.

The cool thing about allocating an Atlas Passive Skill is that its statistics will apply to every map you play, regardless of where in the Atlas they are located. This is a nifty feature.

Wilson gave an explanation for a couple of the new examples that were added. The Secret Operations passive ability will convert a select number of the existing strongboxes into a new variety of strongbox that has a chance to drop Scarabs. When you cast Corrupted Gaze, you have a chance to see Abyssal Jewel drops as corrupted with five or six modifiers instead of the usual four. This chance increases with each cast. If you were tired of being restricted to what was available in a particular region (as each one had its own set of non-interchangeable passives to choose from), the new Passive Tree gives you the ability to concentrate on specific content. You can direct your attention there if you are interested in Ritual Altars, which were made available during the Ritual League. However, once you have obtained all of the passives that correspond to it, it is up to you to decide in what direction you want to continue heading from that point on. If you don't care about what comes after your favorite content in the tree, even if you max out the passives for that content, Cheap PoE Orbs may be difficult to get to a different end.

Wilson clarified that in order to respec passive skills in the Atlas tree, players will need to use Orbs of Unmaking, which requires "a bit of investment," during a question and answer session that took place during the early reveal. According to a representative of the PR department, the drop rate has also been increased, so hopefully Cheap PoE Orbs won't take too much longer to obtain them.


What exactly is going to happen with the Watchstones


- These have also been removed from the scene

- According to Wilson, a significant portion of the power that was previously provided by craftable Watchstones is now provided by Atlas Passives

- This means that you can still access the benefits that were previously available to you even though you do not need to manage Watchstones

- You will now be responsible for managing Voidstones instead

- You will be able to obtain four of them, one from the Uber Elder, one from The Maven, one from The Searing Exarch, and one from The Eater of Worlds

- They will allow you to increase the tier of the maps on your Atlas up to tier 16 in a uniform manner

In Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas, the Uber Elder and The Maven are two characters that have appeared in previous content; however, the latter two misfits are entirely new additions to the game. Both of them function in a manner that is analogous to that of other pinnacle bosses and require you to first track down and kill the respective subbosses, which are referred to as The Black Star and The Infinite Hunger. When this occurs, you will have the opportunity to pursue any of the Eldritch Horrors that you have previously met, as well as The Maven herself, in the event that you are interested in taking part in her trial.

However, even after you have defeated them, you will still be able to farm them for their resources. You will eventually find a key that enables you to fight the corresponding sub-boss again if you complete a series of Tier 14 or higher maps with one of their influences applied and then go on to complete additional maps with the same influence applied. You will progress closer to obtaining a key for one of the main bosses if you keep doing this.

It goes without saying that there will be new currencies introduced in conjunction with the introduction of new enemies. The Eldritch Implicit Modifiers are a new endgame item mechanic that aims to reduce the burden of dealing with the Shaper, Elder, and Conqueror Influence systems that were present in earlier iterations of the game. In theory, you should be able to gain access to this mechanic a lot sooner in the course of your mapping experience.

Eldritch Implicits are a new type of implicit mod that can be applied to an item after an existing implicit mod has been applied to it. However, you can obtain an item with Eldritch Implicits from either The Searing Exarch or The Eater of Worlds. This is connected to the introduction of two new items that can be used as currency: Eldritch Ember and Eldritch Ichor, respectively.