How about a reward?

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Five Temple Knights will teleport in, and unlock the hut Bentnoze and Wartface were in. Then they will take Zanik from RuneScape Gold Sigmund, and STC will teleport with Sigmund. You will be told to escort Zanik into Dorgesh-Kahn, in which a settlement of the Temple Knights has been covertly established. Then talk to Veldaban. Excellent work again, Zachman3334. I don't know how I could repay you for your efforts...

How about a reward? I have this dusty old lamp, so I do not know what use it'll be for you personally. Congratulations! Quest Complete. Upgrade to Jennica's ring- can now see various things buried underground around Runescape. They can include coins to Onyx jewelry (very quite infrequent ).

Hey... I was thinking the runescape map is becoming quite crowded with these updates. You simply walk several spaces and also you find a minigame. Another couple spaces farther and you find a lender. Two steps away and you find a yew tree full of woodcutters trying to receive their xp up. Its getting anoying. Everywhere you go theres someone doing something.

You simply cant be alone! So my suggestion is this: make the runescape map bigger! Its ok if the f2p stays exactly the same (Il understand jagex. Its firm ) but making the runescape map even larger will make the game more atractive.

Apart from it would be many more places to walk about and find adventure. To begin I might suggest a fresh pair of mountains with a city on the top coated with snow ( I think it'd be cool as there arent any of those). To introduce this new city jagex could make a pursuit in which adventurers heading into Cheap OSRS Gold the mountains suddenly disapared and that probably it was some monster.