How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop OL & OLSU Bank Feed Errors?

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Are you facing OL and OLSU Bank Feeds errors in QuickBooks Desktop? Don't worry, this article will help you to troubleshoot these errors quickly.

QuickBooks has a web-based accounting system which is one of its best features. This function helps the user in tracking his/her finances. But this feature is prone to various  OL and OLSU Bank feeds errors in QuickBooks . These include Error codes OLSU-1013, OLSU-1016, OL-203, OL-205, OL-209, OL-221, OL-231, OL-332, OL-334, OL-392, OL-232, and OL -249.

What causes QuickBooks bank feed errors?

  • In case there is any issue with the bank
  • If the user is having pending alerts on the online bank account that is to be acknowledged.
  • Or the bank changed their service offering to web or direct connects.
  • The user is having an inactive bank account in QuickBooks, especially the one having online banking.
  • The bank's information isn't updated on the financial institution's directory in QuickBooks.
  • Also, if there is any issue with the servers.
  • This error could happen if the user has set up a version of QuickBooks that isn't supported or if there is a problem with the internet link.
  • Error in the company bank accounts.
  • If the user is using an old version of Internet Explorer or if the bank file is not compatible with QuickBooks, the user may face bank feed errors.

important pointers

  • The user needs to download the most recent version of Internet Explorer.
  • Check to see if the firewall isn't preventing access to QuickBooks.
  • Another crucial factor is making sure you can access the bank's website without using QuickBooks.
  • It is advised to match any  downloaded transactions  that are still pending.
  • It's also essential to backup the company file.
  • The user must ensure that QuickBooks is running on the most recent version; if not, consider updating it.

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