555088-010 Air Jordan 1 The Shoes Surgeon

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555088-010 Air Jordan 1 The Shoes Surgeon

New Jordan,Adidas shell head fringed lace white Korean order adidas SUPERSTAR FR W For unlimited restore, please look for your own version. Converse camouflage box autumn and winter tooling wind big brother Carhart once again teamed up with Converse to launch Carhartt WIP x Converse Chuck 70 Ox Classic limited joint name. The new colors are in two colors. The classic black uses iconic corduroy stitching waterproof velvet cloth, which is warm and waterproof. The other color is the "jumping tiger" black and orange tiger pattern. The material is still waterproof velvet cloth. Friends who like tooling can't miss it.

Air Jordan 1 The Shoes Surgeon, Jordan High Gang AJ1 black and white Yin and Yang Tai Chi snake pattern has the name of "surgeon" Gao Ding team The Shoes Surgeon, has always been able to reinvent the design concept of luxury, attracting the attention of countless players. By using the texture of the high-end leather itself, and the exquisite and delicate handicrafts, the high-end and luxurious side of the sneakers are fully displayed.

New Nike Air Max 270,Adidas Alphaedge 4D LTD M midsole technology is still the absolute core of this design. The overall shape created by the latest technology is also impressive. In addition, there are more patterns in the design and color matching of the upper. It uses 3D printed double-layer ice silk and adds multiple materials such as satin to embellish the details of the shoe body. The appearance is quite good. The midsole is equipped with a hollow 4D technology outsole in olive green color. While contrasting with the color of the shoe body and enhancing the visual effect, it also ensures the surging foot feel and full wearing comfort of the shoe. The texture is still strong, the comfort and the overall thinness brought by wearing.