2020 adidas NMD R1 Panda White Black BB1968 Online Cheap

2020 adidas NMD R1 Panda White Black BB1968 Online Cheap


In terms of the material of the upper, The Air Jordan 5 is also unambiguous. In today's lightweight basketball shoes, New Balance is going the other way and adding leather elements to these shoes. In my opinion, this design reflects both New Balance's pursuit of the texture of the shoes also perfectly fits the old-school style of Kawhi Leonard.Of course, since the leather material is used, it is natural to give full play to its characteristics. New Balance placed the leather material on the upper part of the shoe, which assumes a very important support and wrapping task. In fact, I myself have suffered a serious ankle injury like Kawhi Leonard. Therefore, I have a high requirement for ankle wrap and support in the choice of daily basketball shoes. When I put on this pair of The Kawhi and wear it After tightening the laces, thanks to the thick leather material and the large N-shaped TPU at the heel, the feeling of being locked tightly at the ankle and heel really made me feel at ease.The leather material at the toe cap and the mesh surface are connected and fixed by a hot melt coating, which can also bring comfort and protection to the toes.

Cheap Jordan Retro At the same time, a layer of 3M reflective coating is applied to the surface of the hot melt material, which can reflect golden light in low light environment.After talking about the upper, let's talk about the midsole part that everyone is more concerned about. Like the previous generation product New Balance OMN1S, this time The Kawhi still uses the cushioning material of the full palm FuelCell. FuelCell is New Balance's current master cushioning material, and its cushioning performance has long been proven by New Balance FuelCell Rebel/Propel flagship running shoes. But when it comes to basketball shoes, it is obviously not directly copied. After all, basketball does not have a single trajectory like running. If the midsole cushioning material is too soft, it will bring counterproductive effects.After getting on the feet, it was not surprising that I could feel the presence of cushioning, but to be honest, it was nothing more. Although there will not be very obvious soft elastic feedback, but it will not feel hard or shake the foot, like the design of the upper and the upper, it is a very solid and stable foot feeling.
The adidas NMD R1 outsole still uses Kawhi Leonard's favorite crystal outsole, and the built-in super large area TPU support sheet can be seen through the outsole. Intricate textures may be able to bring good grip, but if your court is a gray indoor wooden floor, you may need to pay more attention.In general, this pair of New Balance The Kawhi, whether it is the design, color matching or on-foot feel, reveals one word: stability. Although the overall is not amazing, it is very practical. From a practical point of view, it is definitely a product above the average level; but at the same time, as the first pair of Kawhi Leonard's personal signature shoes, the attractive gimmick seems a bit insufficient . However, perhaps from the very beginning of the design, New Balance and Kawhi Leonard did not want to add too many gimmicks. As the so-called "epee has no edge", just like its owner Kawhi Leonard, this pair of New Balance The Kawhi seems to say a word: "No need to say more, the game knows the truth."

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