Reasons behind the failing NFT transactions on MetaMask

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If you are a regular MetaMask user, you probably have a good understanding of MetaMask, what it is, what it offers and how it works. 

Do you know, MetaMask allows you to explore the NFT marketplace?

Yes! MetaMask is known to work on the Ethereum network and supports ETH-based tokens.  And, as you can send or receive the ETH and ETH-based tokens on different addresses, you can send the NFT tokens as well after metamask stuck

MetaMask wallet allows you to send NFTs but sometimes you may get the transaction failed notification. So, what is the reason behind this error?

Well! You may see these error messages on the block explorer due to some specific reasons which we will explore in this blog post in detail.

Errors that you may get while NFT transactions

  • Reverted

This error is generated if a transaction after metamask stuck in is not finished and the network basically returns to the condition that reflects how the situation would be if you hadn’t made the transaction. This happens if someone completes an NFT purchase before you, which happens rather frequently on NFT markets like OpenSea.

If this occurs, determine if the NFT has already been sent to another wallet address by checking the market (or using the NFT's address to search it up on a block explorer).

  • Out of gas

This indicates that before the transaction could get completed, the gas limit for your transaction was reached. A typical transaction requires at least 21,000 gas units, whereas NFT-related operations after MetaMask sign in, such as any purchase, can be more sophisticated and call for greater gas limitations. If you see this problem, you must retry the transaction while modifying your MetaMask gas limit.

  • Dropped and replaced

This message describes a scenario in which the network ignores one transaction in favour of another for a variety of potential reasons. Ethereum nodes have the ability to remove transactions from the mempool (where they are stored before being included in a block), maybe because they provide lower gas prices than other broadcast transactions or simply because they time out. This error might occur if you continuously try to replace your NFT transaction.

  • Pending or “stuck”

You will get this error notice if the total gas charge is too low to encourage validators to pick it up and add it to a block (often because the priority fee was too low). You can attempt the techniques described on the support page MetaMask wallet to "unstick" your transaction. 

Wrapping Up!

In this write-up, you will get to know about some NFT transaction errors that you may get while making transactions using your MetaMask sign in account. If you are also getting any obstacles while sending or receiving the NFTs, you can go through the post to know the particular reason behind it and can learn the way to resolve the issue.

If you’re getting any different issues or you’re not able to wipe out the hindrance after implementing the given solution, you can simply reach out to the support team of MetaMask. Explain to them any MetaMask-related issue and get assistance to get rid of that.