In FC, or EA Sports FC I should say, this is going to be shown

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There are a lot of FC 24 gold coins here, you only need a little money.

This not only devalues the EAFC 24 Coins cosmetic in question Andash; you can just buy an heirloom by dropping Apound;350 on Apex Coins or dropping seven grand to guarantee getting them all Andash; itArsquo;s the latest iteration of a predatory mechanic.

In FC, or EA Sports FC I should say, this is going to be shown via the percentage chances listed next to every pack. ItArsquo;s a legal requirement to tell players the chances they have of getting a certain reward from a loot box, a requirement that EA skirts around by simply writing Aldquo;Agt;0.1%Ardquo; next to the promo slot. And you know that the one time you do hit that so-called jackpot, itArsquo;ll be some useless fodder card like Yeray.

In FCure, though, this percentage will increase as you open more packs without hitting a certain card. The example that leaker FCZone uses is pulling a 90+ card. If you have a five percent chance to pull a 90+ card in every pack but you donArsquo;t pull one after opening 15 packs, that percentage will increase.

While this seems generous of EA Andash; a better chance of pulling bigger cards? Sign me up! Andash; itArsquo;s an extension of the FOMO. If youArsquo;ve spent all your FC Points and pulled nothing, the knowledge that your next big card is even closer than it was before you started will encourage you to buy another round. ThereArsquo;s a reason that premium currency is only ever available in strange increments, too. The fact you have to buy two bundles to afford a specific pack is not coincidence. Spend some money, open some packs, miss out on Darwin NAuacute;Antilde;ez, notice youArsquo;re one percent closer to packing a FC Birthday player, spend more money, rinse, repeat.

Dynamic Packs are the inevitable evolution of EA preying on FC playersArsquo; FOMO, and if they do come into fruition with EA Sports FC, itArsquo;s a bad sign for the industry. Live-service titles often rely on microtransactions in order to keep the servers running, but the more predatory they become, the more this cheap FC 24 Coins industry fails its players. Dynamic Packs might seem like a good thing initially, but theyArsquo;re a sorry excuse for scraping the bottoms of our pockets for a handful of extra pennies.