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"School isn't just about education. It's about friendship, sports, and most importantly finding a community. The pandemic has really highlighted the importance of these connections for teens," stated Spiro Khouri NBA 2K MT Coins, the CEO of TGS. "Esports provided that missing link, even as the rest of the world was in a state of pause. This tournament is set to bring together youngsters from across the city into one big event.

The tournament will have two divisions: a PlayStation and Xbox division. It will take place online on the weekend between November 7-8 and November 14-15. A final round involving an Elite 8 for each division will be held in the week of November 21-22 and will be live streamed on TGS' Twitch channel. TGS is the event's powerhouse by bringing top-quality production and tournament management to the tournament.

A portion of the event's revenues will be donated to three charities: Cxmmunity, which promotes Esports for people of color; Beyond Sports, which aids in the transformation of athletic talent into opportunities in real life as well as That Harper Kid. This foundation was founded by Linnae Harper, the former Chicago Sky guard, to aid local youth.

Many Chicago area high school basketball stars are also lending their support to the cause among them Jahil Okafor, Kendrick Nunn, Quentin Richardson, Darius Miles, Tim Hardaway, Deon Thomas, Hoop Dreams stars Arthur Agee and William Gates and Chicago high school legend Linnae Harper Buy NBA 2K22 MT. Keep checking their social media channels for updates as they cheer on players.

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