I accepted that Runescape ought to have a pet ability

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I'm not convinced that they should raise the skills to 120. This speculation is pure speculation. Jagex claims that Dungeoneering is raised to 120 because they can't fit it into 99 levels OSRS Accounts. They also say that they don’t plan to increase the caps on other abilities. Everyone is wondering when other abilities will be elevated to 120. I was initially against the idea, but I discovered that there are many abilities that are becoming more accessible and therefore, it may be feasible to increase the skill level to 120. Below are some skills I explored that may or might not be improved.

Smithing. Dragon is a great reason to bring this up. Jagex has suggested that Dragon Ore could be released. In the QA in which they were asked about it, they didn't give a straight answer, but they did mention that the guardians of the ore may not be pleased. It was in reference to the Dragonkin probably, but I'm getting out of the the topic. The Dragon material currently seems very rare. Why is that? It's not because it is weak. I currently wear rune and would love full Dragon, even though I could still wear Barrows.

Aside from specific weapons and boots, it is rarely utilized in the game, due to the length of time it has taken Jagex to make it available to all players (and have they released everything? Barrows has created more durable armors, and Bandos gear is available now that doesn't wear down. Making Dragon more smithable will raise the amount, thereby lowering the price and making it more common.

Initially, I thought that this wasn't going to need to be expanded since all of the main armor for Rangers fits well and we don't require more D'hide items. Then, I realized there was something missing the magic. Crafting can be utilized to create robes for Dungeoneering or Stealing Creation to create Magic costumes Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. At present, we are able to make Battlestaves, which are basically ineffective as weapons. Magic could use some new armor.